ABC – about order and disorder

A) Catering Consultant
B) Catering Academy
C) The Foundation

‘So where do I start?’
‘At A or at the Foundation?’
‘Guys stop!’
‘Even before starting out, I get stuck’

Does anyone recognize this?

That’s why we call in for consultants!

Let me explain.
A is my expertise.
After over 20 years of catering craftsmanship if I may call it so, I just know a hell of a lot about catering. More about catering then about setting up a consultancy business. Get me your ABC’s of the annual end of the year corporate event, a funeral ceremony, a fundraising dinner, a wedding reception or a regular network meeting and I put your ABC flawless in order. Without thinking of what comes first and what comes second.
B is my vision.
C is what I want.
Why then if I put my ABC on paper is it that I feel absolutely incapable of finding the chronological order, or should it be order of importance, or order of reachability?

Calling in for a consultant here!

Is business done by the heart? I mean we women are pretty familiar with the concept of In case you don’t know, Listen to your Heart. Guys call it a little less velvety Gut Feeling.
Business is done that way, is it?
It is!

Heart and gut feeling do not speak out loud. At least they don’t communicate in this associating-words-language. Where one word easily as by itself follows up onto the other. Without thinking of what comes first and what comes second.
Where did I hear this before?
Fortunately I’ve gotten to know my heart and my gut a bit over the years, we’ve become acquainted. We do not fall into each others arms. But heaven knows what the future beholds.

Heart and gut love it to do things in their own time, at their own pace. If they’re ready to expose, they do. And then it’s like a reconsolidating with my strongest supporter, best beloved friend, respected above all.

Not surprisingly my heart and gut are entities of not many words. How they manage to put the whole essence into often no more then one word, is sheer mystery to me. That one and only word then covers everything I ever wished or hoped for and all I ever wanted to know.

What a consultants! Although I can’t lure them into my world the instant I want. Which makes me wonder and wander a big deal. Some years from Amsterdam to the Philippines and back. Some others from Barcelona to Cape town and back. Sometimes just up and down to the house where I grew up. And sometimes I get stuck in bed.

Hot water and concentrated silence brings my consultants out. But as mere tricks these don’t do. No delivery on command. Sounds like my piece of cake. And yes. So is Reina’s ABC. It needs patience, a little gambling and good health.
Hey! That’s a language I understand. I can focus on that. Without thinking of what comes second and what comes first.



1 thought on “ABC

  1. dank je reina, je schrijft enorm goed engels! jij schrijft sowieso goed, en je gaat diep en je geeft een deel van jezelf bloot, impressive. dus, niet alleen denken maar ook voelen en doen, tegelijkertijd. speak soon, XXX ida

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