Less is More

A remarkable weekend spent; amazed, amused and energized. Quite something if you take into consideration that I’ve been sitting on a chair most of the time between 10 am and 7 pm two days in a row. Literally all this time Nisandeh Neta is talking on a stage, in front of more then fifteen hundred people, most of them skilled ZZP-ers that are looking to turn their expertise into a profitable business.

Saturday morning three or four people from the audience get the chance to ventilate their skepticism towards the whole Business Boot Camp idea. We listen to Just-in-Case Kees. He’s somewhat older, with distinguished grey hair and an appearance that fits into the picture of a Saturday morning hockey field with parents supporting their children along the line. But here he is, raising himself amidst the audience at NBC Nieuwengein. An audience that just now was introduced to the seminar with very loud ‘pump it up and energize’ music and is still dazzling a bit from the dancing we’ve engaged ourselves into at 10 am in the morning.

Just-in-Case Kees gets an applause and I start feeling an awesome respect and admiration for this in a certain way uncommon yet at the same time very skilled, polite and ‘touchable’ Nisandeh Neta. How the heck does this guy turn a conference hall full of a shy, somewhat narcistic and definitely not easy going and very needy crowd into a host of cheering kid-like enthusiasts?

Amazing. Needless to say that soon I find myself, needy like all others, cheering, dancing and laughing along. Curious as can be after the secrets behind this Lalaland experience I start to become attentive. I try to register what this guy on stage, performing like a true artist, is showing. Is it his ego, excelling at a state of the art performance? Of course it is. However he actually returns something.

Charismatic people are as dangerous as they are saints. Assessing whether one is made of the right or the wrong material is definitely difficult. Especially because we are all needy people. In need for attention, for empowering and longing for a ray of light from beyond the horizon.

Let’s suppose it’s a win-win situation for him as much as for the audience. How do we feel when we get home? We feel great don’t we? That’s our gain. What’s in there for Nisandeh Neta? The pre-calculated percentage of people that opt for the master classes he offers following the Business Boot Camp and that some of us are more then willing to pay him a good prize for.

Is this a win-win situation? I mean is this charisma Hitler style or Mandela style? The skeptic part in me easily judges Nisandeh Neta as a Hitler, exploiting the poor helpless ZZP-ers. The positive mind labels him as a business guru.

Let him be either or neither. If the guy makes a difference, let him. If the guy offsets, let him. It’s up to me what I make (of) him. The crucial point is that the student makes the teacher by letting himself be teached. So I carefully pick from Nisandeh Neta what the guy has got to offer me. Assimilating and digesting what I’m capable of.

I really am thankful to him and his Open Circles and I continue my path. And I will be back. To pick up some more energy-shots for my self confidence. Dangerously addictive!  And such an ego-boost that I dear to make an essential comment.

Less is more! Nisandeh Neta let the target audience co-create the event even more and limit your own presence. The words you speak will have more impact. Exactly as your business gospels preach. Here’s to you!


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