Moving to Malta

By The Sea – they call themselves ‘fresh fish kiosk’, it’s the best place we’ve been so far. Where? In Gozo. When did we arrive here? At the little island next to Malta’s main island, called Gozo. We’ve left Australia two months ago. Since a few days the feeling of having landed here at the island of Gozo, set in. When I fly, my physical body arrives at the destination at some point. My metaphysical self takes a few days more to catch up and re-enter my body. The further I fly, the more synchronized the two are. A twenty four hours flight from Europe into the Southern Hemisphere almost makes the two set foot on the ground in union. Two years ago I left Europe for Australia. Immigration into Australia had not really crossed my mind. Enchanted as I was, completely taken, blown away by meeting the love of my life. I experienced why we do not talk about finding or discovering love. It is falling in love, with the emphasis on falling. Falling deep, deeper, deepest until at some point resurrection sets in. Rebirth into a new form, a new shape, having shed off old skin like a snake, transforming from a caterpillar into a butterfly.I experienced emigration from an old existence as one thing and immigration into a new existence as something else. And surely it didn’t have anything to do with the immigration lawyers, the work permit and finding a house. As opposed to the emigration out of my old existence, immigration into Australia wasn’t successful. Immigration into a new existence however, is. Difficult to discern the difference between the two. At least for me it was. Didn’t failing a successful immigration process in Australia stand for failing the love of my life? How to Move Out of Love could have been the disastrous title of the ‘based on a true story’ novel that would have been published by me. Moving from one place to another, moving out of the country, moving as opposed to standing still and succumbing. If it weren’t for the victory of love. I am grateful without limits. I moved my physical existence from the Australian province called Victoria, to the main town of the little Mediterranean island Gozo, called Victoria. What? Yes my youngest daughter and I moved from Safety Beach at the Mornington peninsula, Victoria, Australia to the central town Victoria at the island of Gozo, part of the Maltese group of three islands. Lazy littlest waves glide rhythmically on shore, here at the Mediterranean inlet called By The Sea. A movie with Brat Pitt and Angelina Jolie is set and named after this place. However that doesn’t do it for me. The memory and resemblance with the calm littlest waves that glide on shore at the bay in Safety Beach, eighty kilometers South of Melbourne, our safe haven for half a year, does struck me. Seas and salty water, tanned boat people, silent fishermen, salt on my skin and reflections on a mirroring surface connecting me with an ancient yet never static place, somewhere beyond it all. Who thinks mindfulness is a nowadays invention? 


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