The shower water feels soft on my skin. The Maltese people I meet seem soft. Which is rather strong as opposed to weak or the opposite of brave. They come across as soft hearted, soft personalities and care-ful. My skin feels soft. There’s not much water pressure which makes the water sprinkle gently on my soft skin. The water is just a little too warm but I prefer to keep it that way. As if it intensifies the sensation I feel on my skin. I enjoy it. I need the gentleness. Soft because of the lack of pressure. It’s what I came to Malta for. Without knowing it. When people are not under pressure, they are soft and gentle. When people are under pressure they get edgy and hard. Senses that need to be sedated or distracted to not suffer from the pressure. Senses that crave to engage with the natural flow of growing plants, rolling waves and floating clouds. To escape the pressure. A slightly too warm soft sprinkling of fine water drops on my skin is today’s resolution.


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